1. Entries to be judged by a Non-Club member.

2. Entries are limited to two projected images and three prints per member per Competition - this can be revised by the Competition Secretary if deemed necessary. An entry form is to be completed putting images in order of preference. Lower preference images may be removed by the Competition Secretary when the number of images entered in a competition is excessive for judging.
All entries must be from paid up members including membership Nos on the entry form.

3. On the supplied competition label please complete with the title, competition date, and the title of the competition entry leaving "Entry No." blank.

4. Projected images the technical aspects, format is 1600 pixels x 1200 pixels. Images must therefore have a landscape dimension no more than 1600px wide x 1200px high. Colour space to be srgb and files saved as a JPEG All entries must be submitted using the success site with a title for both prints and digital images, full details of the entry system are attached.

5. Mounts must be 50cm x 40cm. Prints can be monochrome or colour. They must be properly mounted and have the competition label attached to the rear [top, left] of the print, Digital copies [of the prints] are submitted using the success site.

6. All entries must be submitted no later than three weeks before the appropriate competition, are to be accompanied by a completed entry form, shall be of the correct format and be correctly named. Failure to follow these rules may result in exclusion.

7. No entry may be used more than Twice in total, spread over the last three years (including the current year), it is the individual’s responsibility to indicate on the entry form if the image or print has been entered before and advise its previous title.

8. No entry receiving the outright winner prize may be entered again for any Club competition in the same year or subsequent years - except the Competition Winners Competition.

8. Competition entries gain points towards the Projected Image or the Print Photographer of the year award. The number of points awarded to be decided by Competition Judges who will be asked to score all entries out of 20 marks and to nominate an outright winner. The Judge will also be asked to rank the top 5 entries prints and digital these will then go on to the competition winners at the end of the year.

9. Competition entries gain points towards the Projected Image or the Print Photographer of the year award. The number of points awarded are decided by the committee. The Judge will be asked to rank the top 5 entries for both prints and digital along with any highly commended The top 5 will go on to the competition winners competition at the end of the year.The top 5 will be awarded as follows 20 first down to 16 in fifth, highly commended will score 15 all other entries will be awarded a score of 14.

10. Competition Winners Competition - Entries are by qualification only, they must have been in the top 5 scoring pictures in one of the current season's Monthly Competitions.

11. In an open competition only one of a subject is to be entered I.E. only one nature shot with two other completely different subjects.

12. The competition Secretary also reserves the right to exclude any print or digital entry which is deemed unsuitable.


1. Entry’s for Battles will be selected from previous competitions and new work if requested

2. A selection panel consisting of our top print and digital photographers of that current year will decide upon which entries are selected.

3.The competition Secretary will make the final decision on which entries are selected taking into account prints are mounted correctly and deemed satisfactory for entry, also digital entry’s meet the correct criteria.

4.The competition secretary will also liaise with the other clubs to ensure a smooth transition

In House Competitions

Defined as all Competitions not covered by The Monthly Competitions or Nominated so by the Chairman.

House Open Competition

1. 'Open' In House Competition for pictures and images not entered into any previous competitions.

2. Maximum of 3 prints [preferably mounted] or 3 Digital per person.

Tri or Five Panel Competition

1. Two separate ‘Open’ In House Competitions

2. Only one Panel and/or Series entry per member

3. Digital can be accepted

4. Panel of Three or Five - A Set of three or Five pictures (any size preferably mounted) linked by a common theme. Each print separately mounted and to be shown collectively as a panel in the order defined by the author.

Series of Three or Five – An image containing a montage or set of three or five images that show a process or sequence, i.e. tells a story; e.g. seed, plant, flower

Second Chance Competition

This Competition is open to any image submitted into monthly competitions during the current season that did not get entered into the Competition Winners Competition. The competition secretary will advise on actual numbers per member nearer to the competition date.

External Exhibition and Competitions

Prints submitted for an external exhibition must have at least one side with a minimum size of 25.4cm (10”).

Copyright of Pictures

All pictures entered into Club Competitions may be used for Club Battles or on the Club Web sites. Authors who want restrictions on their Pictures should either Watermark digital copies of their Prints and/or put a ‘#’ symbol at the beginning and end of image Title.


We are members of the Western Counties Photographic Federation, which is a member of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. Through these we are able to have a list of judges and lecturers at a very modest cost. We are also able to obtain information and participate in regional, national and International competitions and exhibitions.


1. All black and white monochrome images are included.
2. A black and white image which has been modified by the addition of a single tone to the entire image is defined as a Monochrome Print.

Colour Prints

1. All images other than those as defined in Monochrome are defined as colour images.
2. A black and white image which has been modified by the addition of Partial toning or by the addition of one colour to any part of the image is a colour print.

Natural History Photographs

Depict observations from any branch of natural history except Anthropology (study of Humanity!) and Archaeology. Human elements should not be present unless they enhance the nature story and are unobtrusive. Photographs of artificially produced hybrid plants or animals, mounted specimens, obviously set arrangements, derivations, or any form of photographic manipulation that alters the truth of the photographic statement are ineligible, with the exception of detailed micro or macro photographs and scientific banding on wild animals


a) An image in which the intent is to display the likeness, personality, mood and emotions of the subject or group of subjects.
b) An image in which the intent is to display an emphasis on lifestyle, clothing and accessories of the subject or group of subjects.

These definitions overlap and are open to artistic interpretations.
Every effort should be made to use the highest level of artistic skill.
Environmental portraits as well as studio portraits are acceptable.